The new rental guide from Special Equipment is printed out!

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06 / 05

Two scissorlifts (HL220E12 and HL220E25)  ready to go to a rental customer in Portugal

23 / 02

For rental non-marking tyres for telehandlers. For indoor use, we highly recommend our non-marking tyres. These so-called white tyres keep the materials together in such way that the floor won't show black marks after long-term use.

01 / 12

New in our fleet:JLG1500AJP. The JLG QuickStickTM capability allows for full height to ground in ~2 minutes. Full height drive capability. Cylinder deployed pivoting axles create wide footprint. LCD display keeps operator fully informed on location in work envelope. Advanced hydraulics and cylinder dampening provides for smooth ride.

19 / 10