20-08-2019 - €9.8 million expansion

Special Equipment has announced a €9.8 million investment in new equipment for its fleet.

The new orders which comprise more than 70 large machines, including boom lifts from 135 to 185ft, high capacity telehandlers, scissor lifts above 66ft and spider cranes all for delivery between now and the fourth quarter of next year. The new machines will largely add to the fleet in order to keep pace with demand. The fleet is already approaching 250 units, all of them larger or specialist/niche machines. 

We are also adding to our key resources in the areas of logistics, service support and sales etc across several European countries. Our primary objective was to support Mateco’s operating companies in 15 European countries, along with its outlets in Malaysia, Mexico, Panama and Chili. However, an increasing percentage of Specialist’s business now comes from independent rental companies.

Guillaume Getas, who heads up Special Equipment said: “We focus on equipment that is not easily available on the market, either due to low local demand or high acquisition costs and slow returns”