Rental of straight telehandlers

Our range of telehandlers offers a high lifting capacity, up to 18 tonnes. Every model generates high performance on rough terrain. Supplied with forks, as a standard feature; our telehandlers can also be fitted with special attachments such as jib, hooks, basket, buckets or non marking tires.

TypeWorking HeightCapacityReachTransport dimensions
MHT7906.84 m9.0 t3.72 m6.47 m2.47 m2.47 m13160 kgPDF Request
MHT101309.62 m13.0 t5.17 m6.15 m2.51 m2.99 m18490 kgPDF Request
MHT101809.62 m18.0 t5.56 m6.65 m2.52 m3.00 m24000 kgPDF Request