Rental of mini cranes

These small powerhouses are flexible for all the lifting jobs up to 8.5 tons. Due to their crawlers they can navigate through any type of terrain, but they don't damage the floors. Choose a compact type with hydraulic support legs and a combustion engine and electric motor or a pure diesel unit. The silent machines can be operated flexibly and proportionally and can be supplied with operating personnel if required. Different mast versions give you the best solution for every job. Ideal for placing glass, wood construction, steel structures, works of art, etc.

TypeWorking HeightLifting HeightCapacityReachTransport dimensions
MC 2858.70 m8.70 m2.8 t8.20 m2.75 m0.75 m1.47 m1960 kgPDF Request
B-350.111.80 m-3.5 t10.00 m2.82 m0.63 m1.38 m2300 kgPDF Request
MC40516.80 m16.80 m3.8 t16.00 m4.98 m1.38 m1.98 m5600 kgPDF Request
MC81519.60 m19.60 m8.1 t18.80 m5.90 m1.67 m2.49 m9700 kgPDF Request
UPG 600 Glass vacuum lifter--600 kg----89 kgPDF Request