Rental of telescopic boom lifts

Special Equipment offers a range of 6 models telescopic boom lifts for outdoor use. Up to a maximum working height of 58 meters; the telescopic boom takes the user to the most difficult areas. In addition, the proportional movements, as well as the 4 wheel drive and 4 wheel steering, give a feeling of comfort and safety, while driving at 58 meters height.

TypeWorking HeightLifting HeightCapacityReachTransport dimensions
SX135XC43.15 m41.15 m300 kg27.43 m19.76 m2.49 m3.05 m21546 kgPDF Request
JLG 1350 SJP43.15 m41.15 m227 kg24.38 m14.89 m2.49 m3.05 m20411 kgPDF Request
1500 SJ47.70 m45.70 m230 kg24.38 m18.82 m2.49 m3.05 m21773 kgPDF Request
SX-15048.33 m46.33 m340 kg24.38 m13.00 m2.49 m3.05 m22657 kgPDF Request
SX-18056.80 m54.80 m340 kg24.38 m14.38 m2.49 m3.05 m24.49 kgPDF Request
JLG 1850 SJ***58.56 m56.56 m230 kg24.38 m14.57 m2.48 m3.05 m27352 kgPDF Request

*** exceptional transport, transport prices on request